September 28, 2006

One swallow does not a summer make

It appears that the EU has finally found a regulation that it does not like. In a change from the norm it is sweeping away a raft of national legislation and replacing it with ... nothing!

Yet another national power has been removed and sucked into the Acquis Communautaire handing yet more control over to the budding EU state, that is to be expected. Everything the EU does is about sucking more power into itself as the one way rachet of the Acquis means it can do nothing else. But at least this time the EU has used its power to deregulate.

That does not however answer the question as to why it should be regulating the size of bread in the first place. Is this really such a matter of European importance that it can only be dealt with at the European level? Or doing most of it's other regulating for that matter. Or destroying the fisheries of two continents, or subsidising France agriculture (to the detriment of, well, everybody), or setting taxes, or meddling with countries' economies. Or in fact practically everything it does. One Swallow does not make a summer, and one bit of deregulation does not change the basic nature of the EU.


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